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Physiotherapy Consultation

An experienced physiotherapist will take a comprehensive history of your problem by asking questions and perform a thorough biomechanical and orthopaedic physical examination in order to diagnose your condition or determine the physiotherapy plan that's needed to help you feel better and/or recover as quickly as possible. To ensure that you receive the attention you deserve, we book a full hour for your initial physiotherapy consultation which also ensures that treatment can be initiated at the first visit. 


Physiotherapy Treatment

Following an initial consultation, physical treatment emphasizing manual (hands-on) therapy and exercise with adjunctive modalities as necessary will be instituted. Treatment is done one-on-one with the same physiotherapist for the duration of the treatment plan without relying on assistants or aides. In order to ensure optimal one-on-one care, we only book 2 patients per hour at half-hour intervals so that you will receive a full 30 minutes of dedicated time with your physiotherapist. Often, your session may be longer than 30 minutes if you're also receiving treatments such as electrotherapy, acupuncture or exercises in our modern and fully-equipped gym following your one-on-one time which are all included as part of the physiotherapy session. At all times our goal is to educate you about your condition and the corrective steps to treat the problem, thus ensuring that you'll be able to manage independently. Communication with referring medical professionals using progress and discharge summaries is done regularly.


Custom Foot Orthotics


Following and examination, our certified pedorthist will fit and cast you for custom orthotics as needed. If required, you will be provided with the necessary paperwork e.g. biomechanical assessment and claim letter to ensure coverage for insurance purposes.


Biophysical Modalities

Our physiotherapists use therapeutic ultrasound, laser, interferential current, TENS, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation which are all used when needed to enhance our treatment and exercise programs. All of these treatments are included in our standard fee for physiotherapy.


Medical Acupuncture & Dry Needling

We offer acupuncture as an adjunct to treatment where indicated. Physiotherapists who perform acupuncture at our clinic have formal training in medical acupuncture through organizations such as Acupuncture Canada (formerly the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute). Some of our physiotherapists also have certification in Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) or Dry Needling.


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy


We have several physiotherapists on our team who are highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of pelvic conditions such as urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, pregnancy-related pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse, amongst others. To read more about our pelvic health physiotherapy services please click here.


Lactation and Mastitis Physiotherapy


Our clinic is one of only a small number of centers in the Greater Toronto Area with physiotherapists who have specific training for the treatment of painful conditions related to breastfeeding. Please click here to learn more. 


Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy


We have physiotherapists on our team that have special training in vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) which is a form of treatment that helps with problems related to dizziness, loss of balance, and vertigo. Treatment usually involves specific exercises to improve eye-head coordination, visual tracking and balance reactions. Some cases of vertigo can also benefit from specific maneuvers performed with the assistance of a physiotherapist. Click here to learn more.


Rapid Access Clinics (RAC) For Low Back Pain Program


The RAC Low Back Pain program (formerly known as ISAEC) was introduced in Ontario in 2018 as part of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care's vision for musculoskeletal care. The purpose of the program is to provide individuals with rapid assessments of their low back pain by advanced practice providers in order to provide them with evidence-based self-care and education. The goal of the program is to prevent the development of chronic low back pain as well as to reduce unnecessary tests and unwarranted referrals to a specialist. Our clinic is designated as a site for performing assessments under this program. Click here to learn more about the program and how to be referred.



GLA:D™ Canada Program For Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis


GLA:DTM Canada is an education and exercise program completed for those with stiff and/or painful knees or hips, or those with knee/hip osteoarthritis. Research from the original GLA:D® program in Denmark showed program participants reported less pain, reduced use of pain killers, required less sick leave and were more physically active. Learn more about this program here or contact us to find out about our next scheduled session.




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